Thursday, February 18, 2010

Zeezok Publishing Review

As a member of the TOS Homeschool Review, I was sent a nice big package from Zeezok Publishing. Yet again, I learned about a fantastic company I didn't know existed.

As I journey down the road of Homeschooling, one of my concerns is "will my children be exposed to the fine arts, specifically music?" I have no idea how to read music or even have any music history classes under my belt to speak of. Zeezok Publishing is a company that publishes musical composer books. They sell complete composer biographies, related study guides and a companion CD. The CD is a nice touch because it plays the music that each composer creates, we all enjoyed listening to this.

Zeezok Publishing sent me a complete set of two composers: Stephen Foster and Edward MacDowell. This complete set sells for $35.80 and includes the companion CD, you can order other composer sets such as Bach/ Mozart; Beethoven/ Haydn; Brahms/ Schubert; Handel/ Schumann; Foster/ MacDowell; Chopin (2 books) from the website:

The books are very informative and interesting. They give you an idea of the culture as well as the current events happening during the life of the composer and how their music was influenced by their life experiences. The study guides do a wonderful job of giving the student a time line and a map of the places in the world where the composer lived. Music sheets are also included in each book and as I said earlier, you can listen to the music played on the CD.

These book series are an excellent teaching tool for any homeschool to round out their fine arts and history/ geography programs. The cost is reasonable considering the amount of activities and information contained in each set.

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