Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Growing Healthy Homes Review

As a member of the TOS Review Crew I was able to review a great book titled: "Nutrition 101: Choose Life" published by the company Growing Healthy Homes. The website that sells the product is and it can be purchased as an e-book (CD ROM for $79.95) or as a hardcover book ($99.95) or you can get a combo (book and CD for $129.95).

I know what you are thinking, a bit expensive for a book about healthy living, but give me one minute of your time. I am a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) and I have a Masters Degree in Science with a major in Health Education, so I have read MANY Health related books, articles etc.... I am passionate about this topic, so when I had the opportunity to review the book, I was pleased. The title of the book should really be "Everything that has ever had anything to do with any health related topic, ever" All kidding aside, this whopper of a book is 448 pages chock full of information. The book breaks down 12 body systems into 6 units:

Brain/ Nervous System
Digestion/ Elimination
Respiration & Olfactory
Muscular & Skeletal Systems
Cardiovascular & Immune Systems
Endocrine Systems and Emotions

Each Unit is broken down into chapters and thoroughly explains what each system does and then it links the role that lifestyle and diet have on the different body systems. The graphics are beautiful, and the book covers all age ranges. It offers hands on activities, experiments, projects, reading and writing assignments. The Activity Guide is broken down by Unit and further by school age (so home school parents can go right to the necessary information to expand on each topic). Two highlights in this book for me was the way the authors tied in Bible verses to each subject, our lifestyle and well being is so strongly tied into God's word and this book does a fantastic job of threading this through the book. My other favorite, was the recipes!! Yes I said recipes!!!! At the end of every unit there are recipes and activities to do to wrap up the unit. I love cooking (in case you don't know that yet!).

Nutrition 101: Choose Life not only provides the facts, but then offers tangible solutions for a Healthier Lifestyle. This book is a fantastic resource to fulfill health/ science requirements but it goes so far above and beyond that. New wives/ mothers can use it to educate themselves about the importance of running a healthy household; people who desire a healthy lifestyle change need to look no further, this book has it, soup to nuts (literally, there are recipes for soups and some for granola!). The Appendices contain such a vast amount of information for further study and it also offers Health statistics, food pyramid and a serving checklist; a food shopping list; tips on how to select fresh produce; Top 40 foods to eat/ foods to avoid. Information on Asthma, Mold, Reproductive Health, Non-Toxic Cleaners (with the instructions on how to make them). There are many many more topics, but I have to stop sometime!

As a Health Educator I know that one of the best ways to get someone to change a behavior is to provide information that will create a desire to change the negative behavior. Nutrition 101: Choose Life is a great resource, it is worth the price. This book, regardless of the age range of people in your household, is a must have for health education for homeschooling moms, and women who desire to run a healthy household.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I was sent the STUDPOD made by GENIO, LLC to review for the TOS Review Crew. I have to admit, I had never heard of this product either but once I opened the package, I was instantly SOLD!!! The Studypod is a book holder designed for students to hold their books as a way to improve their studying. Picture your child sitting at the table doing school work using a textbook and taking notes. The Studypod holds the textbook upright at about the same angle as a computer screen. It helps your child not strain his/her neck looking down at the book and freeing hands for writing notes etc... I like the fact that it automatically creates a small work zone that can help the student focus on their work.

My children are not old enough for textbooks so when I had to use the product to write this review I was happy to snag it and keep it for myself (oh the sacrifices we make as moms.....)! I love to cook, so instantly I thought JACKPOT, this can hold my cookbooks. I love the fact that it sets up easily and holds the book firmly allowing me to get my hands messy without getting my recipes messy! As a matter of fact, I am a bit nerdy and I always write out my reviews by hand to make sure I get all my thoughts down and the facts right before I type it out (remember word processors, I guess in college this was my writing papers method and has still remained so!) Anyway, as I write the review I have all my notes propped up using my lovely Studypod to hold them. My opinion- great, simple product that is versatile. I LOVE when I can use the products for more than one function, I feel that it is a better bang for the buck!

So what's the bottom line? Visit or call 1-434-974-7042 to order or for more information. The STUDYPOD is priced at $19.95 for one or $16.95 for two or more. They are running a special for my readers (Thank you very much) enter in TOSBLOG5 in the coupon code and receive $5 off your order. The STUDYPPOD is available in Black, Pink or Blue. It is also compact; size (closed) 6.75" x 8.875" x 1.25" and holds any sized book with thickness up to 2.25" (i.e. "Twilight" thickness). The product comes with instructions on how to set it up, literally three steps. It also has a mesh holder on the left side to carry a cell phone or pens when closed. It is in the shape of a book, so it can fit nicely on a book shelf for easy storage.

I am off to fold some laundry, but I am bringing my STUDYPOD with me so I can do some reading, nice!