Thursday, January 7, 2010 Review

As a member of TOS Homeschool Review Crew I was sent two DVDs in the mail to review. I had never heard of the company, which can be found at: but I was intrigued from the moment I opened the package.

I would like to preface this review by stating that I do not have cable TV. We unplugged one year ago and only have a video TV monitor to watch DVDs. Once my children caught word that there was a "new" DVD in the house to watch, I couldn't keep them from watching it even if I tried!

I was sent two DVDs, one was titled "Young Minds" Numbers and Counting. This particular DVD is a new release from the company and is created for preschoolers. I LOVED it, my 19 month old son LOVED it, my 4 year old daughter LOVED it and my Kindergartner and second grader LOVED it (don't let the older girls know I told you!). The DVD is so visually beautiful and it is lovely to listen to classical music and count animals and everyday objects. Children learn to count from one to ten based on the objects in the pictures, the pictures are of objects that children are familiar with but done in such a way, that mine found it fascinating. It is easy to see why this DVD won so many awards. The DVD costs $19.99 and would make a wonderful gift. My 19 month old son was repeating all the numbers in order once we got to number 10. The simple repetition helped reinforce the counting. I give it "two thumbs up"!

The second DVD I was sent to review was titled "The Basic Math Word Problem Tutor". This 2 DVD set contains over 8 hours of basic math word problems. My oldest daughter Emily is 8, so this material was a bit over her head, and she lost interest in it rather quickly. However, I see the value in having this resource especially in the next few years. The instructor, Jason Gibson, does a great job of teaching with step- by- step instructions. This particular DVD cost $26.99.

The company allows you sample video clips on their website of every course that the company offers. The company carries an entire math tutorial DVD sequence from Basic math through advance level math. If you have a hard time teaching math in your home school or if your child struggles with math, these videos may be just what you need.

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