Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Grapevine Studies: Beginner Birth of Jesus Books

As part of the TOS Review Crew I was able to review the "Beginner Birth of Jesus Books" by Grapevine Studies. My children are ages 7 & 5 so this study was perfect for them. This particular topic was a chronological study of the nativity of Jesus Christ. It had seven lessons covering Mary, Joseph, Birth of Jesus, The Shepard's, The Temple, The Wise Men, and Herod. I plan on pulling this back out right before Christmas to review it again and put the focus back on the Lord during the Holiday season.
According to the Grapevine teaching method the beginner program is different from the other Grapevine Studies Levels in that it "Teaches just the accounts of the major characters and events of the Bible." This method in my opinion was perfect for my children's ages. Even my 3 year old was following along! My children would listen to the Bible passage and then draw a picture representing that passage using a stick figure. Even the artistically challenged: read: me was able to make a beautiful picture. Even my 5 year old felt competent drawing the pictures.

At the end of each topic I would use the review questions to ask what they just learned. If they were not sure how to answer the review question, all they had to do was look at the picture they just drew and it helped them remember. They were able to explain the entire Birth of Jesus to my husband by sharing the pictures with him. The study also has a teachers manual which made preparation time minimal. The study is very hands on and held their attention. The kids loved it, and have asked for more topics, so it looks like we will be purchasing more subjects from Grapevine Studies. Who can say no to that?

This paticular Teacher Study (priced at $14.95 for a hard copy) comes with a Statement of Faith from Grapevine Studies; Teacher Goals; student goals and a supply list (minimal need for supplies). It also gleans the goals and key points for each topic. The student copies for this study were $7.95 for a hard copy. I visited the website at www.grapevinestudies.com and was amazed to see the many products the company carried and many available as E-Books or hard copies. You can also contact them at 1-877-436-2317. They have different studies designed for ages 5- adult and Grapevine Studies teaches Foundational Bible Facts and leaves the application to the teacher so it can apply to a variety of denominations.
My family was richly blessed by this study. We will be ordering other studies from Grapevine Studies. My children loved it and I am grateful for a fun hands on way to teach the Bible.


  1. Katie -- oh, you make me want to get a Beginner book for my youngest two!

  2. We are doing the overview of the N.T. and my two children are really enjoying it!